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Looking After Your Shoes and Boots | On Mountain NZ

Looking After Your Shoes and Boots | On Mountain NZ

Welcome to our Dolomite care guide with tips and tricks on how to look after your boots and shoes and keep them at their best. 

Outdoor shoes like Dolomites are designed to faithfully accompany us in any kind of adventure: from an easy trail walk to more challenging mountain hikes. But even though they're durable and built to last, it's still important to do your part in keeping them in shape to extend their lifespan. 



Before you get started make sure your shoes are dry. Ideally let them dry naturally, avoiding harsh direct sunlight and heat as this can effect the adhesives that hold your shoe together. Remove the laces and insoles as well to let them fully dry and check these aren't too worn out. 

The next step is a little bit different for each material including Leather, suede, synthetics and of course insoles. If you're unsure what your footwear is made of, check the inside tongue of your shoes - there should be some symbols there to help you out. 


Full Grain Leather


To clean the leather uppers of your shoes start with brushing the outside of your shoes with a soft brush to remove any dirt and dust. For more stubborn spots - dampen the brush to remove the dirt, just make sure you let your shoes dry again after. 

Once they're clean of any dirt and dry, get some leather conditioner like the Dolomite Shoe Cream and gently rub it into the surface with a sponge or cloth. This will help rehydrate the leather and keep it soft, as well as revitalising the colour of your footwear. 

Let them rest for a few hours to let the leather conditioner absorb properly. Then you can give them a light buff with a clean cloth or soft brush to bring out some shine. 

Suede Leather

To clean suede leather uppers, use a damp cloth to remove any dirt. For more stubborn spots - you might want to opt for a soft bristle brush (make sure you're not applying too much pressure!) Once you've removed all the dirt, let them dry again.

Next you have give your suede shoes a light spray with a water-based waterproofing spray, such as the Dolomite Waterproof Shoe Spray. If you're using the Dolomite shoe spray, make sure you give it a good shake and spray from a distance of 20cm. Get a nice light and even application, then wait 5 minutes before repeating to make sure you've got it all covered and don't forget to let them rest for a few hours before wearing again to let the product absorb properly. 


Synthetic Materials

While synthetics require less care than leather shoes and boots, they still need a little bit of attention. Simply get a wet cloth or brush and give them a wipe to remove any dirt. 

If you want to be extra thorough you can use a waterproofing spray, such as the Dolomite Waterproof Shoe Spray, and give your synthetic footwear a nice even coating from a distance of about 20cm (Remember to give the bottle a shake first). Don't forget to let them fully dry again before wearing them. 


Insoles and Linings

Just like the outside of your footwear, you need to take care of your insoles and linings of your shoes too.

For synthetic linings you just need to give insides a wipe with a warm and damp cloth and leave them to dry. 

Like synthetics give your leather linings a wipe with a warm damp cloth, leave them to dry and then they will need the additional step of applying a thin layer of leather conditioner such as the Dolomite Shoe Cream.

For your insoles and footbeds, remove them from the inside of your shoes and gently wipe them down with a damp cloth, remember to leave them to dry completely before you pop them back in. With insoles try to clean them frequently to help them last longer. If they're getting worn, you may have to source some replacements which can be found at your local shoe stores.



Once your shoes a nice and clean make sure you're storing them correctly if you're not planning on wearing them again anytime soon. Some tips we like to share are to screw up some newspaper and fill your boots and shoes with them (make sure you get right into the toes), this will help keep them in their original shape. And for storage, keep your shoes out of the sun, this can lead to deterioration of adhesives and fading of colour. We like to recommend that you keep them in a dark and dry place that has a constant temperature. 

If you have any questions about the care of your Dolomites give us a call, write us an email (, or send us a message on our live chat in the bottom right of the window!

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